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September 06 2017


Look for a Base Designed Specifically For Your Your skin type

Once you have pinpointed the perfect shade, the next step is to nail around the proper formulation, which will cater to your skin type and provide the actual sort of coverage you will need. Usually, choosing a formulation is a straightforward couple of reading the label. For example, "oil-control" foundation contains oil-absorbing powders in order to avoid skin from becoming shiny or greasy, and "moisture-rich" foundation contains hydrating ingredients to maintain dry skin feeling soft and supple. In case a bottle boasts fancy-sounding antioxidants or sunscreen, think about them as bonus ingredients. Simply to stay safe, it is best to wear sunscreen through your base.

Oily skin: Look for words like "oil-control" or "oil-free" on liquids, powders or sticks. For minimal coverage, smooth it on only where your skin layer tone is uneven as well as set it with powder. Oil-free liquids tend to create the least developed effect. If the skin is incredibly shiny, you may want one containing oil-absorbing powders to give your skin a matte finish. Some oil-free bases even contain salicylic acid to combat acne; other people are silicone-based to enable them to slide effortlessly and evenly on your skin.
Combination skin: If the skin is mainly dry, get one of these moisturizing foundation. If it's mostly oily, choose oil-free. Cream-to-powder bases work particularly well on combination complexions with very oily areas because they cut shine and offer ample coverage. In the feat of cosmetic chemistry, newer "balancing" formulations designed specifically for combination skin actually integrate powders that absorb sebum and emollients that moisturize dry patches.
Dry skin: Choose a base with moisturizing properties; your better bets are bottles with the words "hydrating" or "moisture-rich" on the labels. Liquid foundations hide flaky skin best, provided that they're oil-and-water formulations designed to hydrate parches skin. Hydrating foundations promising a "satin" finish give skin a subtle glow. For the matte appearance, search for bases containing skin-softening ingredients like vitamin e d-alpha.
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